Q+ Projects Under Construction

Presbyterian College New Upperclassmen Student Housing - Construction

Presbyterian College

Completion Date
Fall 2019

Project Budget
$12.2 Million

Presbyterian College’s new apartment housing complex creates an incentive for student success by rewarding seniors with prime residential amenities. Three buildings, housing a total of 144 seniors in 36 four-bedroom suites, define a central quad of green space supporting student activity. This quad connects organically with the center of campus, the relationships of new and existing pedestrian pathways reinforcing safe connections and the vitality of the campus core. Additional amenities include outdoor verandas, on-site laundry, and dedicated parking. The project is currently in the construction document phase.  

Northside Elementary School - Construction

Rock Hill School District

Completion Date

Project Budget
$4.5 Million

Northside Elementary School houses York County School District 3's arts and magnet program for the community of Rock Hill. The project team was tasked with developing a master plan for the school campus, allowing for a new arts wing addition to be constructed while planning for demolition and replacement of existing classroom wings in the future. The school sits on a neighborhood site that has major topographic changes, creating a complex design challenge. The final solution maximizes the project budget, expands deficient core capacity spaces and provides an inviting and creative building that truly instills the arts, the core of Northside's mission.